With today’s products, a high quality paint finish is the first thing
the consumer notices. A good paint job cannot be achieved
without a properly prepared surface. Autotac supplies the finest
paint preparation equipment in the world. This combined with
their unparalleled customer service, insures the satisfaction of
every customer.

Autotac’s patented technology powers ‘off the shelf’ and
custom turnkey solutions around the world.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our services, equipment and capabilities.

What control platforms do you use?

Whatever our customer prefers. We have a wide variety of platforms in operation.

Do you provide custom programming services?

Yes. Every machine can be provided with custom interface features if required. We also can develop custom MIS, AVI and body identification displays. PLC and path programming are available. We also can provide automation and machine vision services.

What is the optimum tack-off booth layout?

High Volume Ionizing Blow-off / 5 Roll Tack-off (Feather Duster).

Which direction should the feathers be mounted?

How does ionization work?

Ionization/ High Voltage Systems. Each ionization bar is used to eliminate or significantly reduce static charges. The high voltage from the power supply causes the ionizing pins of the static neutralizing bar to generate both positive and negative ions from the surrounding air molecules. The static charge on the paint surface will attract and combine with the opposite charged ions, causing the material to be neutralized. The excess ions either recombine in air or dissipate to ground.


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